Photos de chefs indiens d’Amérique du Nord – Photos of indian leaders in North America

Voici  les photos de chefs des tribus d’indiens d’Amérique du Nord. Vous noterez la majesté du regard de ces hommes, les traits burinés par le soleil… Ils ont une grande majesté qui, merci aux photographes, ne sortira pas de la mémoire de l’homme.

Here are pictures of leaders of Indian tribes of North America. You will notice the majestic gaze of these men, chiseled features sun… They have a great majesty, thank you to the photographers, will not come out of the man’s memory .


Sitting Bull
OVH Photos Indiens Chefs02 Sitting Bull

Low Dog
ca. 1870s-1880s, USA --- Low Dog was one of the fighting chiefs of the Sioux at the Battle of Little Big Horn. --- Image by © CORBIS

OVH Photos Indiens Chefs04 Hileman


Iron tail
OVH Photos Indiens Chefs07 Iron Tail

Big Mouth Spring
OVH Photos Indiens Chefs08 Big Mouth Spring

circa 1905: Geronimo (c. 1829-1909). Leader of the Chiricahua Apache tribe in Arizona. After the Chiricahua Reservation was abolished in1876, he repeatedly led raids against white settlers, was captured and escaped. He surrendered in 1886 and was deported with his followers as prisoners of war to Florida and later to Fort Sill, Oklahoma. He later became a Christian and a prosperous farmer. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

OVH Photos Indiens Chefs12

OVH Photos Indiens Chefs13

OVH Photos Indiens Chefs01

OVH Photos Indiens Chefs05 Sioux

OVH Photos Indiens Chefs09

OVH Photos Indiens Chefs10

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